Laser Tag Session Scheduling Change

Laser Tag Session Scheduling Change

Due to the popularity of our Laser Tag system, we are making a few changes that you will see in the next couple of weeks:

-We’re adding a 4:30pm session on Sundays so we’ll now offer two sessions on Sundays instead of just one (starting February 19th).

-Party scheduling will change next week starting February 20th.  Instead of automatically getting 10 spots for each Laser Tag party that is reserved, you’ll have an ability to select the exact number of spots you’ll like to reserve.  This will enable our customers more control with how many players they will like to reserve and it’ll make it easier for us to accommodate more walk-in customers.  This feature will require a deposit of 50% of the total balance and deposit will not be refunded for late arrivals or no-shows.


All parties previously booked will still be honored using our policy at the time it was booked; please give us a call if you will like to modify and reschedule using our new process.


We are also continuing to work on additional changes that we’re excited to debut later this Spring to possibly add more session times and improve the overall experience.  It is amazing what our equipment can do and we’ve only just scratched the surface of our long-term plan!

Stay tuned for more……


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