Party Planning

Can we bring outside food and drinks?

Parties that book a package are allowed to bring outside food and drinks (except alcohol).  If you are planning to not book a party, then only outside drinks are allowed in our facility.  Catering options are available to add to your party reservation if you will like us to take care of the details for you.

Are supplies included (like table cloths, plates, napkins, etc.)?

Basic party supplies are not included in the package price.  We are purposely below market price on our party packages so that customers can save money by bringing in their own supplies.  We have found that customers don't like to pay the inflated costs of the supplies at other facilities and often times will like to incorporate their own theme (which is tough to do with plain white everything).  We have basic supplies available for purchase if you forget something day-of or need additional supplies for the unexpected guests.

How large is the party space?

When booking, you have an option to select Open Area or Private Room.  The open area is near the arcade and has a much better view to watch the players in the arena, but sometimes hosts prefer hosting the celebration time in more of a private space.  This is now an option when selecting your party time.  Both areas accommodate groups of between 10-15 well, but if you plan to have more than 20 guests, we recommend our exclusive party option which includes seating/space for more people.

How much time do we get in the arena?

Depends on which package you book.  Our Dart Battle packages include our standard party (during business hours) and includes play for 60 minutes and an extra 30 minutes to celebrate in the party area after playing in the arena.  The exclusive Dart Battle package is 2 hours and you get to decide on how you allocate the play/celebration time.  As for Laser Tag, our standard package includes 60 minutes of play with an extra 30 minutes to celebrate.  If you will like additional play time to host a special event, please contact us for pricing out a custom experience during non-business hours.  For pricing and availability, visit our party planning page.

How much time do we get in the party area?

You get the party area for the duration of your visit and the exact time will depend on which package you booked (90 minutes Laser Tag/Dart Battle, or 2-hour exclusive package).  We try to have the space ready about 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled start time so you can setup a couple minutes early, but there is no guarantee.

What time should we plan to arrive/setup?

Our goal is to have your party area prepared and ready to go about 15 minutes prior to when your group is scheduled to start playing (although there is no guarantee).  Please ask that guests arrive about 5-10 minutes prior to the start time to get checked in so we can start playing when your group is scheduled.  There will be no refunds for groups that arrive late or ask to start after your scheduled start time.

Will we be the only group playing in the arena during our scheduled time?

If you booked our exclusive party, then your group will be the only group in the arena during your party.  However, if you booked one of our standard packages (during business hours), our arena will be open for others to join in as well.

Facility Information

Where are you located?

We have two facilities:  one in Coeur d'Alene, ID and the other location in the Spokane Valley, WA.  Please visit this page for more information.

How large are your facilities?

Both locations are approx 12,000 sq feet.  The size of the arena is about half that size.

Can we bring in outside food and drinks?

Customers that book a party package are able to bring in food and drinks (except alcohol).  Walk-in guests are prohibited from bringing in outside food and drinks - exceptions:  personal water bottle, or food/drink for an infant.

Can we rent your facility for a private event or fundraiser?

You bet.  Please be aware that we don't close during business hours for private events, but can book something for a day/time that we are normally closed.  Please email us with basic information for what you are planning to start the conversation info@strikezonearena.com.

Dart Battle

How old do you have to be to play?

We recommend players are 5+ years old to play.  Younger kids have a tough time priming the guns and are not yet ready to understand the game mechanics that make the Dart Battle experience fun for all players.

Can I bring my own blaster?

You bet.  Only blaster we don't support are the Nerf Rival guns (too high of power for younger kids).  We do find with experience that some guns perform better than others.  Magazine-fed guns have too much down-time due to clearing jams and reloading and the smaller - front loading - blasters are much better suited to the high-paced game of dart tag.

For more information, go to our Dart Battle page.

Laser Tag

How old do you have to be to play?

We require players to be 8+ to play our Laser Tag system.  Since our system is like playing a first-person-shooter video game, we find younger kids get overwhelmed with the features on the guns and the game experience.  Our equipment is also very expensive and we find that younger kids are not very careful with the equipment.

How is our system different from other entertainment facilities?

Our system is a different genre called tactical which means it follows the game mechanics of modern video games (the manufacturer's main inspiration was Call of Duty and Halo).  At our facility you can experience different game and gun modes; like different elements of team-based games, free-for-all missions and even one of our customers' favorite called Infection.   For more information or to make a reservation, go to our Laser Tag page.

Indoor Soccer

Which facility offers indoor soccer?

Our indoor soccer is offered exclusively at our Spokane Valley location.

What programs do you offer?

At the moment we are primarily renting out the facility to teams that need an indoor space to practice.  Please contact us for more information.